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18th January 2019 

Individual and Couple Counselling & Psychotherapy for Northallerton, Brompton, Thirsk, Richmond, Catterick, Leeming, Bedale, Darlington and Stockton-on-Tees

The model of counselling I am trained in consists of the use of three main theoretical approaches - these being, psychodynamic, humanistic and cognitive behavioural therapy.

The psychodynamic approach focuses on the importance of the unconscious and past experiences which may be affecting current behaviour and feelings. You'll be encouraged to explore childhood relationships with parents and other significant people in your life, particularly where you have been troubled by issues such as long term depression, general unhappiness or feelings of emptiness without understanding why, or where unhelpful, repetitive behaviours or difficulties in relationships persist.

The humanistic model is a non-directive approach which encourages you to explore your feelings and emphasises personal growth and self-development.

The cognitive behavioural approach is used to assist in changing unhelpful attitudes and feelings which have been learnt in response to past experiences.

The counselling and psychotherapy I offer comprises the integration of these three approaches, with a view to helping you achieve lasting change.

An initial assessment will provide you with an opportunity to decide whether you think counselling is right for you and whether you feel you will be able to enter into a therapeutic relationship with me.

Thereafter, the 50 minute sessions (60 minutes for couples) will take place on a weekly basis and are conducted face to face in a safe, comfortable environment at my home in Northallerton, where there are parking facilities and easy access to public transport.